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Expropriation Law

Few areas of law have a longer history than expropriation and easement statutes. Our Expropriation Law experts are fully versed in the history and nuances of this legal area. Under certain conditions, a public authority may indeed have the right to take some or even all of your property. The concept goes back in history to Crown Rights under British law and before that to Roman law. In Canada, Provinces and the Federal Government do have the right, under certain conditions of public benefit, to take land from individuals. However, it cannot be done solely at the discretion of The Crown. There’s a process that must be followed and the process can be extremely complex. Like most other areas of law, there are rules and regulations about what can be taken from you for what reason.

In BC, for example, The Expropriation Compensation Board is an independent agency which was established in 1988. The Board has authority to determine the amount of compensation for expropriated land and associated loss to be paid if there is a disagreement on these issues during expropriation.

If your land is legally being taken from you by a public authority, whether it’s by the Provincial, Federal, Local governments, or by Crown Corporations, our Expropriation Lawyers ensure you receive the fair market value for your property.