Family law mediation

May 21, 2020

Separating spouses are often not in agreement when it comes to resolving issues arising out of their separation. People in such a predicament could greatly benefit from having a third party provide assistance from an unbiased point of view. A Mediator can deliver this type of assistance.

Mediators are professionals who are given the task of identifying roadblocks that prevent disputing parties from reaching agreement. Once the roadblocks are identified, the work of the mediator is to further dissect the problem, and to develop a roadmap that will leave both disputing parties with a satisfying outcome.

Sounds simple, but it is far from it. A Mediator, however, can help you navigate through what is often a challenging process during a difficult and emotional time.

A Mediator's role is different than a lawyer's in that a mediator is not working exclusively for one party. A Mediator is hired by all of the disputing parties, and must remain completely neutral throughout the entire process. Furthermore, a Mediator will not provide independent legal advice. However, mediating parties will always have the option of seeking and obtaining independent legal advice throughout the mediation process.

How can mediation be helpful then? One of the most significant advantages of mediation is that the process is driven by the participants. Solutions to stumbling blocks are created by the disputing parties themselves, with the professional assistance of the Mediator. Thus, the parties retain the power of crafting solutions that are likely to affect their lives for years. Going to Court takes away that ability from them.

Nonetheless, mediation is not suitable for all disputes. For example, if there has been family violence, or if a matter involves urgency, the courts may be better equipped to assist in such matters.

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