Aspects of Personal Injury Law

Our personal injury lawyers can help you with the following cases.

  • ICBC and motor vehicle claims - Do not take ICBC and insurance companies on by yourself! We will build your claim and compile your evidence so you receive the compensation you need to recover.
  • Slip and fall - If you fall and are injured due to the negligence of others, we help you get proper compensation for your injuries, wage loss, and medical expenses.
  • Medical malpractice - If you have been injured as a result of negligent medical care, we obtain the evidence and get you properly assessed to quantify your injuries and advance your claim.

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MJB Can Help

Let our experienced personal injury lawyers help you.

Get the help you need to document and build your claim.

Our Kamloops personal injury lawyers seek help on your behalf and guide you through the process ahead, taking the uncertainty out of the difficult situation that you’re facing. Involving a personal injury lawyer earlier on is not only beneficial to alleviating some of your stress, but it also helps to make certain that you receive the compensation, wage loss & medical expenses to which you are entitled.

Getting a personal injury lawyer early on does not cost you anything extra. As our fee is based on a percentage of what we recover for you, we do not get paid until you do. You also don’t need to worry about the expenses because in most cases, we cover your legal expenses until the conclusion of the case.

You shouldn’t need to face a personal injury alone. Not only will we support you throughout the process, but with extensive experience as one of the largest law firms in the interior of BC. We also ensure that your best case is presented to get you the best possible result, either through settlement or trial if necessary.

Get your interests represented

As one of the largest law firms in the Interior, our lawyers have a broad range of specializations, ensuring that we have the experience to competently and professionally represent you.

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