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  • Starting a company - Starting a business involves many considerations, including what the company structure will be, how to raise capital and whether to incorporate. We help you establish a company that works best for you.
  • Managing a company - Whether you require legal advice for corporate planning, help negotiating the lease when expanding your business or advice for buying another business, our business lawyers can assist with all aspects of corporate law.

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Experienced Kamloops Business Lawyers

Our Corporate Kamloops business lawyers not only prepare the documents you’ll need to create your own company, but we’ll also guide you through the legal landmines that may be waiting for you. This can be an involved process, including searching for the title of the assets owned by the company, securing financing, negotiating the leasing of business premises, obtaining income tax advice, purchasing a franchise or engaging in corporate planning for tax purposes.

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As one of the largest law firms in the Interior, our lawyers have a broad range of specializations, ensuring that we have the experience to competently and professionally represent you.

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