Should I sell my home myself to save on fees and realtors?

September 19, 2023   |   by Phil Brown

Selling your own house, also known as “For Sale by Owner,” can offer costs savings in terms of legal fees and real estate agent commissions, but it also comes with several risks that owners are not always aware of:


  • Legal issues: Real estate transactions involve complex legal documents. Errors or omissions in contracts, disclosures, or negotiations can lead to disputes and legal issues down the road.
  • Time and stress: Selling a property can be time-consuming. Managing inquiries, showings, and paperwork can be overwhelming, especially for those with busy schedules. Many of these routine, but time-consuming tasks, add unnecessary stress to the selling process.
  • Marketing exposure: Effective marketing is essential to selling a property. Without professional help, you might struggle to create compelling listings, photographs, or videos to attract buyers. Professionals have sales expertise and extensive networks that can greatly increase the exposure of listings.

While selling your own property can save you money on fees and commissions, it comes with risks such as future legal issues, added time and stress to the process, and limited exposure. Weigh these factors carefully before deciding to go the “For Sale by Owner” route and consider consulting professional lawyers and real estate agents to mitigate potential risks.

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