When does your obligation to pay child support end?

December 15, 2023   |   by Sara Hilliard

In British Columbia, the age of majority is 19 years of age. When a child reaches the age of majority, child support will often end. However, there are some circumstances where child support may continue.


If a child who has reached the age of majority is unable to become self-supporting due to an illness, disability, or pursuit of post-secondary education, child support may still be payable. Parents are often unaware that they may still have an obligation to pay support for children attending university. However, simply being enrolled in a university program does not necessarily mean that a parent/parents of a child who has reached the age of majority must still pay child support. There are a number of factors the courts will consider before determining whether an obligation to pay child support still exists. 


If you have a child in your care who is 19 years of age and attending university, we can help answer your questions about whether your child is still eligible for support.


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