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Family Law & Divorce

Whenever there is a family situation that must be sorted out or explained, the experience can be complex and emotional for all concerned. We handle all aspects of family law, including marriage and cohabitation agreements; separation agreements; separation and divorce; custody and access; adoptions; child and spousal support; division of property, including pension division; income tax advice; mediation and dispute resolution.

Family Law is one of the most delicate and personally challenging aspects of our practice, demanding a great deal of sensitivity and understanding. Solving complex family problems depends on being both an effective advocate and a skilful negotiator with the ability to listen and understand your needs.

Divorce, in particular, is not simple. Many issues may need to be addressed such as parental roles, division of assets, and access to other professionals including family and individual therapists, accountants, actuaries and business valuators. As your lawyers, we take instructions from you and act on your behalf.

Not just about confrontation between two parties, Family Law can also be a happy experience such as in matters of adoption or marriage.

Our team includes experienced lawyers who practice in the areas of divorce, separation agreements, maintenance and support, custody and access, and property issues.