August 30, 2010Some Information For Debtors And Creditors

If a person or business owes money to or wishes to collect money from another person or business, there are a few general things to keep in mind: To collect an unsecured debt, either the party that owes the money (the debtor) mus...

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June 6, 2010Family Business Succession Planning

With the leading edge of the baby boomer generation about to hit the age of sixty-five in the next year the issue of retirement and business succession is becoming a common topic of conversation. In the majority of cases the issue of “when t...

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May 7, 2010If There's A Will, There's A Way To Settle An Estate

When a person passes away their assets and liabilities make up what is known as their estate. The law requires someone to act on behalf of the deceased to administer their estate. If the deceased named an Executor in their Will, that person, if th...

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March 9, 2010The Complications Of Family Law

Family law can be a complicated area of legal practice, one that is characterized by intense emotion, personal conflict and at times confusion about how to proceed. When two parents separate, the issue of child maintenance frequently ari...

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