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Brain Injury Claims

Suffering a brain injury can be devastating. If you have been injured by the fault of someone else it is important to have a lawyer experienced in brain injury files represent you. At Mair Jensen Blair, our lawyers have handled a wide range of brain injury actions, from clients who have suffered mild traumatic brain injuries or people suffering from post concussion syndrome, to severe and debilitating brain injuries.

As any medical professional will tell you, there is nothing mild about a mild traumatic brain injury. Brain injuries affect all areas of a person’s life, and can affect personality, mood, cognitive abilities, pain behaviours, the ability to work, and the ability to look after oneself. It is critical that all aspects of a person’s life be examined when advancing a claim for a brain injury so that the injured person can be properly compensated to take into account an award for pain and suffering, past and future wage loss, the costs of care, and future care.

If necessary, we will have you assessed by highly skilled medical practitioners in the province to properly document your injury and what treatment is necessary. Our goal is to negotiate a fair settlement so your needs are looked after, and if necessary, pursue your claim through the courts to obtain a proper compensation.