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Forestry Law

The vast reaches of British Columbia’s timbered lands have been the battle ground of competing and varied interests ranging from environmentalists to forestry companies to First Nations people. As a result of conflicting claims to forestry practices and land use, there is a complex set of laws and regulations governing the way we cut timber and use our forest lands.

Our staff understands the area of Forestry Law and the effect it has on all interested parties.

Even when laws and regulations permit certain forestry practices, other interest groups might have an impact on companies and individuals. Softwood and other trade issues have further complicated the industry.

For any legal issues in the forestry environment, our lawyers are here to help. Foresters and forestry executives, landowners and forest users often need advice about the regulations and law governing our forest industry. These include the tenure system, compensation for expropriation of forest tenures, principal forms of tenure, contract logging, mediation and arbitration of disputes, permitted uses, subdivision of reserve forest lands, and woodlands/business management systems.