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Collection & Foreclosures

All debts are different. The approach you decide to take to collecting on debts should always depend upon the character and circumstances of the debtor and the amount of the debt. If the amount of money owning isn’t very much, you might even think of collecting it yourself. If you do need the assistance of a lawyer, our Collections and Foreclosure Lawyers are ready to assist you.

The Provincial Court of British Columbia (Small Claims Division) hears all claims in the province that do not exceed $25,000. The documents you need to start an action are available online or at any Court Registry. The Small Claims system is quite “user friendly”, and many people appear on their own in Court at this level.

But, if you’re owed money by a lot of people, or if the amount involved is more than $25,000, you’ll spend a lot of your time just collecting it and your business will suffer. That’s why the area of collections means more than just collecting an unpaid debt. It also means allowing you to focus and carry on with businesses and investments rather than using your time on debt recovery. Our lawyers offer consultation and service on collections, foreclosures, personal property security realization, bankruptcy and receivership, dispute resolution, and if need be, litigation.